About us

Background and Highlights

We have the know-how, the experience – and the determination to make the best of it. We are therefore constantly fine-tuning our internal processes and further developing our services and products. In doing so, we commit to a strong sustainability policy. Because we believe that this will pay off in the long run.


January: Foundation in Munich, Auenstrasse 100
WHITE AND BLACK: There were already some well-known rental furniture suppliers on the market in 2005. A market analysis left us with two concepts: uniform furniture lines, black and white, and illuminated contract furniture such as counters, illuminated cubes and benches. LED was not far advanced enough at that time, and you could forget about mobile energy solutions. So we started with 12 volt batteries and cold cathode tubes wrapped in colour filters. First hall in Otterfing near Holzkirchen.


After Geneva for Auto Bild in 2006, a second big job with a Nespresso event in Vienna for 1800 people in 2007. Our customer Competition Partner wanted us to deliver a furniture concept in black and white. White = Life Style Line; Black = Black Style Line. A huge photo of the event is still hanging in our office today.


That was the year of the European Cup with many small and big events. The largest job was for Do & Co Vienna, challenging for its production lead time and investment. Stainless steel bar tables with different top sizes and bar stools at seven venues from a total of eight in Switzerland and Austria. Assembly time: 2 days. 1400 pax. A lasting memory: event at Berlin’s E-Werk for Adidas.


Many new players in the metropolitan areas. Broich Catering & Locations from Düsseldorf supplied the catering for 3,000 pax at Lokhalle Göttingen, our partner at Table Top was rent4event Düsseldorf. We were booked as furniture suppliers. This was our first contact with what were later to become our licensed partners. Shortly after that rent4event Berlin was established. Concept: central management, we own the furniture and deliver it regionally from our own warehouses via licensed partners; this is sustainable, friendly to the environment, resources and wallet. Small events are also realised.


to 2013: Sony IFA event at E-Werk Berlin commissioned by DREINULL (2010), Cisco assembly in Hanover commissioned by DREINULL (2012) assembly in Wembley: CL Finale , Client Do & Co Vienna (2013)


Opening of logistics hall in Dachau, in-house varnishing for maintenance: all varnishes on water-soluble basis.


BMW Centennial Celebration at Olympiahalle and BMW Classic. Two agencies, one booth builder. We were also booked for the assembly of other furniture. Acquisition of the new Justwood line from sustainable forest management, fire protection certification for almost all of our furniture according to DIN EN 1021- 1- 2.


from 2 January 2017 in Bilbao with 8 men for assembly on 10 days, at 11 venues. Client e.w.enture, end customer MINI. Many small jobs at the beginning of the year, New Year’s reception for Rolls Royce, Tiffany in the double cone of BMW Welt. A master varnisher and state-certified varnish technician are added to the varnishing team.


New trainee from Eritrea. Assembly team is reinforced by a truck driver. We see many small events returning.


Great demand in autumn 2018 is rewarded by double-digit sales growth. The new year is off to a good start.


Very nice corporate events until mid-February. Extraordinary number of requests for April and May 2020….The rest in 2020 is known. Epochal. A whole new movie is starting. Due to pandemic, we are moving to a less expensive hall in the fall.


In the summer and early autumn again a bit towards normality. Many small and medium-sized events. We continue to work on the strategy of small steps in the area of sustainability. The entire vehicle fleet now tanks with climate cards from a – of course – regional and national supplier. We now supply events climate-neutral through CO² compensation.

In the middle of the year, all SUITESTUFF employees are vaccinated. For our customers, for ourselves and for the families.

The end of the year is just around the corner.


Business picks up from the middle of the year. A final push until just before Christmas. Society and the economy are meeting again. Simply to forget: the two years before.


YES: New customers, new locations are coming, starting to increase from February.

Investments in our new Cozy line. Expansion of the warehouse from the acquisition of a dissolved trade fair warehouse,
for example, 20 FAZ counters from VONDOM, we think this is timeless design.
Bar stools “about a stool” from hay among others.

Many are in good spirits, even with unstable large-scale weather conditions. Relaunch of the website, webshop for inquiries by the end of March. Detail work on the website will accompany us in the coming months.


The first quarter begins – for rental furniture in the event and trade fair sector – busy and promising. Especially in March, we are logistically challenged by several night-time setups and rebuilds.

Including two major events with 400 pax each, one of them in Berlin at the Axica. Our revenue is significantly above that of the same quarter last year.

After initial feedback from long-standing customers: let’s wait and see what happens, as of 02.04.