High-quality arrangements for trade fairs and events on a rental basis: through the principle of only temporary use for different occasions and a variety of customers, we “share” our products with many in the broadest sense.

Furniture is partly manufactured according to our own designs to increase quality and thus durability and reusability. Products with the right dimensions or technical design help to reduce logistics volumes. In our supply chains mainly from the regional area and neighboring EU countries we are constantly looking for solutions to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Necessary maintenance is carried out with water-soluble paints.

Please help us with your suggestions so that we can do all this as socially, economically and ecologically as possible for future generations and the environment.

2013, 2014 and 2015

CO² compensation

Compensation was carried out via PRIMAKLIMA.
Planting trees filters CO² from the earth’s atmosphere.

The solid wood line is made of PEFC certified wood.


Made according to our measurements in 2018: Wood, Pure, PEFC certified.

Carpenters, locksmiths and other suppliers are

80% from the region with max. 120 km distance

Other suppliers and producers from the EU have their focus in Italy.

Baler since February 2018

Optimized disposal

The use of the baler requires consistent waste separation. Recycling in the cycle would not be possible otherwise. Less waste volume means fewer trips by truck means less CO² emissions.

Since 2020

Facelifting of our counter elements and other elements

Our bar counters are now designed in such a way that in case of defects only individual parts go into maintenance and not the whole body. E.g. the bar shelf or the work surface.

Since 2021

Climate-neutral refueling (CO² compensation) for the entire vehicle fleet

both by a regional provider for the local events and nationwide with another provider. The regional provider is Allguth, the national provider is DKV Mobility.

Since 2021

First hybrid vehicle in the fleet

Awards / Certificates